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The equipment supervision plays an important role in improving equipment project quality and benefit, guarding against investment risk and financial risk. Significant equipment project is characterized with strong technicality, high investment density and large quality and benefit risk. It may cause significant loss and influence once any trouble is made. The equipment supervision or checking system of significant project has irreplaceable special function.
On commission of legal person of the project or construction unit, in line with relevant national laws, rules, regulations and technological norms, supervision is made over quality, progress, investment and other affairs concerning design, manufacture, inspection, storage and transportation, installation and trial-run of important equipments. Equipment supervision or checking by third party is the major task of quality inspection centre nowadays and in the future.
1) National Class A qualification of equipment supervision
Professional scope:
Railway and urban rail transit project: power and traction power supply, automation control system.
Pharmaceutical industry:
  • Raw material medicine equipment engineering,
  • Preparation equipment engineering,
  • Traditional Chinese pretreatment equipment engineering,
  • Water equipment engineering of pharmaceutical. 
Environmental protection engineering: urban sewage disposal engineering (installation, debugging phase)
2) Shanghai Class A qualification of engineering equipment
Business scope:
  • Engineering equipment of petrochemical industry,
  • Engineering equipment of medical industry,
  • Engineering equipment of road and rail transit industry,
  • Engineering equipment of environmental protection industry,
  • Engineering equipment for electricity supply,
  • Equipment of universal machinery
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