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Intertek-ies has the knowledge, industry experience and equipment necessary to quickly perform necessary supervision for all construction products. Intertek-ies works with you at all lifecycle stages from design through to construction, operation and refurbishment.
Our construction Supervision involves project management by entrustment of the construction unit, as well as specialized service concerning supervision over construction events (quality, progress, safety, investment, etc.) of the construction unit.
Comprehensive qualifications of engineering supervision
Professional scope: It is allowed to undertake all engineering supervisions of construction projects in professional engineering category, as well as to do business including the construction projects with corresponding category.
Professional project category:

Class A qualification for 14 categories of engineering including

  • Building construction engineering
  • Municipal utilities,
  • Petrochemical engineering,
  • Electromechanical installation engineering,
  • Electric power engineering,
  • Hydraulic and hydropower engineering,
  • Communication engineering,
  • Port and waterway engineering,
  • Railway engineering,
  • Highway engineering,
  • Metallurgy engineering,
  • Mine engineering,
  • Agriculture and forestry engineering,
  • Aerospace engineering and etc.
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